Eastminster Child Development Center's extra curricular enrichment programs: creative movement dance classes with Mary Jane provided by the center for all preschool classrooms & music classes provided  by the center for all classrooms.


Creative Movement with Mary Jane

Mary Jane's unique approach to teaching creative movement will excite your child to develop skills and self expression through dance.  The class will explore various concepts in a fun and nurturing environment.  Props and music will also be used to explore thematic lessons combined with popular children's literature.  The children will develop rhythm, creative interpretation, and listening skills.  Mary Jane is a highly sought after teacher.  For over 35 years she has taught dance to children of all ages, with a concentration of work in preschool, daycare, cooperatives, Montessori, and Elementary schools.  She has taught workshops to preschool teachers, and has a special love for the preschool child.  She is still an active dancer herself, and a former Artistic Director of Happendance Modern Dance Company.

Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday depending on the classroom your child is enrolled in.


Munchkin Music Maker with Mr. Benjamin English

The mission of Munchkin Music Makers is to help children make music a part of their lives by providing quality Early Childhood Music Education in an informal and fun setting.  This class is focused around Music Learning Theory, which at its core aims to enhance children’s tonal and rhythmic audition.  Classes are held on Monday and Friday depending on the classroom your child is enrolled in.


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